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Choosing the right azure service

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·Nov 24, 2021·
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In Azure architecture choosing the right azure service is half the job done. Here goes the list

  • Lift and shift current app to cloud → Virtual machine
  • Simple app without orchestrator → Container Instances
  • Complex app with orchestrator → Container services (AKS)
  • Run Orchestrated microservices→Service fabrics
  • Repetitive jobs on massive scale → Batch
  • Host web application → Web App
  • Automate one step of a process → Functions
  • Automate a complete process → Logic App
  • Store relational data → Azure Sql server or Azure MySql or Azure Postgresql or Azure Maria Db
  • Store Non Relational data with API to access the data → Cosmos Db
  • Store OLAP relational data → Azure sql data warehouse
  • Store OLAP non-relational data → Azure data lake store
  • Send message to one subscriber and could get a message back → Service Bus Queue
  • Send message to multiple subscriber and could get a message back → Service Bus Topics
  • Send Discrete data which does not happen continually → Event Grid
  • Send continuous stream of data related to each other → Event Hub
  • Send Notification to many devices over different protocols → Notification Hub
  • Send and receive message to IOT devices → Azure IOT Hub
  • Send real time communication → Azure SignalR Service
  • Scale HTTP app for globally distributed users → Azure front door
  • Scale Non HTTP app(UDP , Signal R) for globally distributed users → Azure traffic manager
  • Access data that changes little → Azure Cache for Redis
  • Application with Audio/Video/Images/Static file heavy → Azure CDN
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